Gradiant exists to give nature water back

Gradiant approached Maison with a three-part challenge: Firstly, brand strategy – after 10 years in business and an exciting period of growth, the founders wanted to ensure that they were set for the future with a brand strategy and messaging that was built on their core purpose and reflected why water treatment was so important to them and the planet. Maison worked closely with the founders to develop an all-new brand bedrock, positioning and messaging narrative that represented exactly why they are ‘a different kind of water company’.

Secondly, to support this new narrative, they requested a complete overhaul of their brand identity that would make a splash in the water treatment industry and convey Gradiant’s commitment to sustainability, innovative solutions, and solving water scarcity challenges.

Our team developed a comprehensive visual identity that sets them apart from the competition with a color palette, imagery and boldness that boldly states ‘We are different’.

Thirdly, to amplify the new messaging and showcase the brand, Maison was asked to design and develop an all-new user-friendly website that embraces the known customer journey to educate and inform visitors about Why Gradiant and introduce their extensive product and services portfolio. The site is fully integrated with their CRM system to facilitate marketing automation, lead generation and nurturing. 

Thanks to our collaboration, Gradiant is making waves in the industry and asserting its position as a trusted leader. Our work doesn’t just help Gradiant stand out in a crowded market and attract new business, it also underscores their commitment to sustainable water solutions and their innovative approach to tackling water scarcity challenges. We captured the essence of their unique approach and expertise and packaged it up in a shiny new brand that positions Gradiant for accelerated growth.

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Maison is an exceptional team - very different from most other marketing groups we’ve come across. Super creative, able to think outside the box, and not afraid to challenge the paradigm which works for us at Gradiant. We have very high standards and they came through helping us find and refine our own message and identity.

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