the world’s largest sustainable living membership club

When they approached us, Collectively was still an emerging idea taking shape between two visionaries entrepreneurs in sustainability, Roger Leinhard and Jodi Monelle. To bring their vision to life, they needed a pitch deck and a website…fast. Both were seasoned founders, with strong ideas on the story and brand they wanted to build. We helped them bring that story to life, working simultaneously on both a pitch deck narrative and brand design. To assist in their fundraising, we quickly translated that work into website that helped convey their vision. Successful in moving its next phase, and delighted with our work, Collectively and Maison continue to partner to assemble a club of hundreds of sustainable brands to consumer worldwide.

what we did


brand bedrock
source code narrative
brand strategy


brand identity




investor pitch deck

collectively logo
collectively card

The Maison team breathed life into our vision. We were very pleased with the visibility and communication through the project and attention to nuance and detail thought the whole creative process.

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